About Wh2ole Water LLC

Approximately eight years ago, my wife and I were introduced to Alkaline, Ionized, Micro Clustered, Oxygenated Water. We were approaching 50 years of age and had gained a new respect for good health and wellness. We consulted with a chemist that we were working with at a nutritional supplement company and he was convinced that this water was the missing link to good health and making the supplements work

Shortly thereafter, WH2OLE WATER, LLC was founded. As Wellness Advocates, we have undertaken the task of educating the public about the health benefits of drinking alkaline, ionized, micro clustered, oxygenated water.


About Our Product

Our product, HYDRATE, is bottled by Historic Springs Bottling Company of Dandridge, Tennessee. The water source is a natural spring. The process by which the water is made alkaline is ionization which produces an alkaline antioxidant water with a pH of 9+. The processing plant is FDA inspected insuring the highest standard of quality for our water.

WH2OLE WATER, LLC is Regional Representative, Regional Distributor and Regional Supplier for HYDRATE.

We presently have two locations, 2135 Washington Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70113 and 607 North Hampton Road, Desoto, Texas 75115. Our third location will open in the fall of this year.



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