Darlene’s Story – Skin Problems EliminatedAbout two years ago I experienced a minor breakout that kept growing. I received six steroid shots from my dermatologist, but the breakout could not be contained. Three months later a friend shared some alkaline antioxidant water with me. I began to drink it on a regular basis. Now the breakouts have cleared up. The more I drink alkaline antioxidant water the better I feel.

Emil’s Story – No More GoutI have a gout condition that was inflamed so much that I had to walk with a cane. I tried alkaline antioxidant water. Just 24 hours after drinking it, I didn’t need the walking cane. I also used to take medication every day, but I don’t have to anymore, because I drink alkaline water regularly. And my entire family drinks it as well.

Deborah’s Story – Osteoarthritis Pain Went AwayI was diagnosed with osteoarthritis ten years ago, and it continued to get worse. I took cortisone shots for the pain, but they were worse than the pain itself. I started drinking alkaline water about eight weeks ago and within the first two weeks my pain went away. With each week I felt stronger and I experienced increased hydration in my whole body. I am sleeping better. I have also lost 25 percent of my body fat (with no change in diet). This amounts to 25 pounds, so my body structure is changing for the better.

Chris’ Story – Migraines DisappearI thought I had been making good choices for my family’s drinking water. But after seeing a pH test done on the water I was drinking, I discovered that it was acid. So I changed our water to alkaline antioxidant water. After two weeks, my wife said that she hadn’t had a migraine since she started drinking it. She had suffered with migraines since she was 13 years old. Being the skeptic that I am, I knew that it had to be something else. Now I believe the results, because she has only had two migraines since we started drinking the water ten months ago.

Bill’s Story – Diabetic’s Blood Sugar NormalI had a friend tell me about the remarkable results people were having reducing their blood sugar by drinking alkaline water. I have tried all kinds of different things to try to get my blood sugar under control. I have Type II Diabetes. I decided to try the alkaline antioxidant water to see if it would actually help lower my blood sugar levels. The second day of drinking the alkaline water, my blood sugar level was at 159. The third day my sugar level was down to 109. I stopped drinking the alkaline water for a few days to see what would happen. Sure enough my blood sugar levels were back up to 250. As soon as I started drinking the alkaline water again my blood sugar levels came right back down.
- Health News Volume ▪ 17 Number 4




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